Madumere and Co offers comprehensive tax advisory and compliance services to a diverse range of clients, from large, multinational corporations to individuals. Many domestic and international companies, as well as individuals from Nigeria and abroad, have chosen Madumere and Co as their tax advisor. In particular, Madumere and Co provides specialized tax counsel and advice to clients in the energy and manufacturing sectors and provides personal income tax advice to expatriate workers. Additionally, Madumere and Co has rendered tax advisory services to a wide variety of oil-producing and oil-service companies. We advise clients on all types of tax issues, from income taxes to taxes exclusively affecting particular industries. Our team offer tax advisory and compliance services in the following areas: Corporate Income Tax Personal Income Tax Customs and Excise Tax Petroleum Profit Tax Value-Added Tax Not only do we offer customized tax advice tailored to our client’s specific situations, our team routinely engage in all-inclusive tax planning in order to address potential tax issues or liabilities in the future. We regularly provide the following tax planning activities for our clients:
Reviewing the tax aspects of a proposed business transaction Structuring businesses in order to take full advantage of tax benefits Devising transactions that avoid tax disadvantages Counseling clients in ongoing tax advisory and compliance services Exploring the tax consequences of utilization and other joint ventures Madumere and Madumere has provided premier tax advisory services in major domestic and international transactions. We leverages our comprehensive tax knowledge and decades of experience to provide strategic, comprehensive tax advisory services to businesses and individuals.